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Access to Information on my property

The Planning Portal provides property details and information including:

Local Environmental Plan

Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) are legal documents which guide planning decisions on development and land use within local government areas. They do this through zoning and development controls, which set out what development can and cannot be undertaken on land.

Development Control Plan

Development Control Plans (DCPs) provide planning standards and controls to guide new development in Wollondilly. They are relevant to applications for development, e.g. Development Applications and requests to remove trees.

Planning Portal - NSW

Here are some links to the NSW Planning Portal.

Planning Fact Sheets

Information Planning Fact Sheets provide information to assist you in preparing development applications by improving your understanding of what is required to address local environmental planning matters and development controls.

Conditions of consent

The conditions of consent tell you how you must undertake the development and if there is anything you must do before you commence the development. You cannot alter or vary the development, the way in which it operates or the way in which it will be undertaken unless the terms...

Plans of Management for Community Land

Under the Local Government Act 1993, Councils are required to prepare Plans of Management for all community land owned by Council. Plans of Management are essential management tools which:

Standard Wording for Easements, Restrictions and Positive Covenants

Standard Wording for Easements, Restrictions and Positive Covenants is a guide provided to assist suitably qualified solicitors, conveyancers and registered surveyors in preparing a section 88B instrument for Subdivision Certificate applications pursuant to the provisions of the Conveyancing Act 1919 (NSW).