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Frequently Asked Questions

Any amounts appearing as an arrears balance on your rates and charges notice are due and payable immediately with interest accrued to the date of payment if applicable. If you are unable to pay your rate balance by its due date, please contact Council's Revenue Section on 02 4677 8282 or by e-mail at council@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au to discuss an alternative payment method.

When making payment by post please allow sufficient time for postage. Council will not be held responsible for delays in the postal service.

Rates and charges that are not paid by any specified due date will attract simple daily interest charges of 7.5% per annum calculated on a daily basis. Consideration to waiving or reducing interest charges may be given in certain circumstances.

For further information, please see Council's Debt Recovery and Hardship policies.

If you are an eligible pensioner living at the rateable property, you may be entitled to a rebate on your rates and charges. If you become an eligible pensioner after the issue of your annual rates and charges notice, you may be entitled to a partial pro-rata rebate proportional to the number of quarterly periods remaining.

Application for the pension concession against your rate account can be made by completing a Pensioner Concession Application Form.

Rates and charges that are not paid by any specified due date will attract simple daily interest charges of 7.5% per annum calculated on a daily basis.

If you are unable to make payment by a specified due date, please contact Council on 02 4677 8282 or by e-mail at council@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au to make a payment arrangement.

Consideration to waiving or reducing interest charges may be given in certain circumstances.

Certain land is exempt from rating, such as churches, schools and public institutions. Application for exemption from rating should be made in writing to Council and should make reference to the legislation you are making application under.

The Local Government Act 1993 requires all rateable land to be categorised as Residential, Business, Farmland or Mining. If you disagree with your category for rating purposes or if the use of the land has changed, you can complete an Application for Change in Category form.

Application for change in category for rating purposes must be made within thirty days of the issue of your annual rates and charges notice. If you are not satisfied with Council's review you can appeal to the Land and Environment Court within thirty days.

Your land rates are based on the unimproved value of your land calculated by the Valuer General NSW.

Your land rates are calculated by multiplying your rateable land value by the ad valorem rate adopted by Council for your rating category. As Wollondilly Shire Council has adopted a minimum rating structure, if this calculation results in an amount less than the minimum rate for your rating category, the minimum rate will apply to your account.

Council's Operational Plan can be viewed for further information regarding the ad valorem and minimum rate adopted by Council for your rating category for the current financial year.

The Valuer General NSW can be contact on 1800 110 038 or via their website for further information as to how your rataeble land value has been calculated and how you can object to your land value. The below fact sheet also provides additional information regarding the Valuer General and your land value.


NSW Valuer General Fact Sheet

Domestic Waste Management Charges

All rateable land within the area for which the domestic waste management service is available is liable to pay a domestic waste management charge. Vacant land is required to pay an availability charge until a dwelling is constructed on the land and an occupation certificate has been issued.

Council's adopted domestic waste management charges can be viewed in Council's Operational Plan for the current financial year.

Stormwater Management Charge

The stormwater management charge applies to parcels of land rated as residential or business where Council provides stormwater services.

The maximum amount that can be charged is:

  • $25 per residential lot.
  • $12.50 per residential strata lot.
  • A minimum of $25 plus $25 per 350m2 or part thereof for business lots (capped at $325).

Pensioners, rural residential, rural properties and vacant land are exempt from the charge.

Stormwater is the water which runs off hard surfaces into our local waterways during rainfall events. As stormwater flows across the land it collects pollutants such as dirt, litter and leaves that are then washed into local waterways causing the degradation of these waterways. Wollondilly Shire contains three of Sydney's major water catchments. Parts of these catchments also form part of Sydney's drinking water catchment and it is therefore of vital importance that these waterways are protected. Council is responsible for the management of the stormwater drainage infrastructure in Wollondilly Shire.

Further information regarding the stormwater management charge can be viewed in Council's Operational Plan for the current financial year.

You can elect to receive your rates and charges notice by either post, e-mail or Bpayview.

To make application to receive rates notices via e-mail, please complete an Application for Electronic Rates Notices.

If application is made to receive rates and charges notices via Bpayview, notices will be issued through your internet banking provider. Log on to your internet banking provider to register for Bpayview. When your rate notice arrives your financial institution will advise you by e-mail, SMS or bank message within your online or mobile banking. Your Bpayview reference number is located on the Bpay box on the front of your rates and charges notice.

If you have made changes to your postal address or other contact details please notify Council in writing by e-mail, fax, post or by completing Council's online form without delay.

Changes will only be made once notification has been received in writing.

NSW Valuer General

The NSW Valuer General can be contacted in relation to enquires regarding your rateable land value.

 Ph: 1800 110 038

Post: Valuation Services, Property NSW, PO Box 745, Bathurst NSW 2795

E-mail: valuationenquiry@property.nsw.gov.au

Web: www.valuergeneral.nsw.gov.au/


NSW Valuer General Fact Sheet

NSW Land Registry Services

NSW Land Registry Services can be contacted regarding any land title enquiry in New South Wales.

Contact Information

Ph: 02 8776 3575

Post: GPO Box 15, Sydney, NSW, 2001

E-mail: Via NSW LRS website at https://www.nswlrs.com.au/Contact-Us

Web: https://www.nswlrs.com.au/

JR Richards

Council's waste contractor can be contacted within any requests to change the waste service at your property.

Contact - JR Richards

Ph: 1800 805 305