Ordinary Meeting of Council

The Ordinary Meeting of Council enables Council to consider reports of its Committees and Officers, correspondence from ratepayers and to develop policy.

Meetings are open to the public, except in circumstances where agenda items are considered to be confidential and as a result may be closed to the public for those particular items only.

In line with our adopted Code of Meeting Practice, members of the public can apply in advance to make representations as to why a matter should not be dealt with in closed session.

Submission will be accepted at governance@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au.

The following applies:

  • You must be in attendance at the Council meeting 
  • You need to advise which matter you wish to speak to and provide an overview of your reasons
  • 2 minutes speaking time
  • 2 speakers per matter.

Ordinary Meeting of Council Schedule

Ordinary Meetings of Council are held on the third Tuesday of each month (except when public holidays occur) in the Council Chambers at 6:30pm. In line with current social distancing restrictions we are currently only holding these meetings remotely. Agendas will be available from Council's Foyer or alternatively on Council's website seven (7) days prior to the Community Forum. 

Ordinary Council Meeting - Tuesday 15 September 2020 

Access to the next Ordinary Council Meeting is available to the public via Zoom.

Join the meeting here https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83517620626

*Note you may need to download Zoom prior to access the meeting when held online. 

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Ordinary Meeting Agenda and Minutes Website 

Ordinary Meeting Agenda and Minutes Archive 

Relevant Links

Information on how to join Council Meeting's via Webcast is provided above.

Ordinary Meeting Agenda and Minutes Website

Ordinary Meeting Agenda and Minutes Archive

Archive of Webcasts of Ordinary Council Meetings

Notice of Motion

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