Sydney Peri Urban Network (SPUN)

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The Sydney Peri Urban Network (SPUN) represents twelve Councils that border metropolitan Sydney. SPUN was established in 2013 in response to concerns about the lack of a comprehensive vision for the peri urban region and consists of the following Councils:

Spun Map final Sept 2014


SPUN is a leader in advocating for peri urban issues at the state and national level.


Sydney and surrounding regions' Peri Urban Council areas are recognised as being part of New South Wales solution for managing growth while providing opportunities for strengthening local town & village character, settlements, lifestyle, tourism, agricultural and economic pursuits. The Network will assist and empower Councils to  manage the significant pressures faced in peri urban areas.

Peri Urban Councils are undergoing significant change, and the growth in the peri urban areas has brought with it many challenges and opportunities for Councils.

SPUN will:

  • Advocate for recognition for peri urban areas across NSW in State and Federal policy making.  There is a need for legislative reform and policy recognition as urban doesn’t just stop and then rural start. There is a mediating role between rural and urban
  • Act as a platform for peri urban regions to share knowledge and good practice
  • Build partnerships and resource sharing initiatives
  • Promote connections and productive cross-fertilisation between networks and existing projects
  • Develop the economic potential of peri urban areas
  • Ensure long term viability for peri urban agricultural and horticultural production – promoting short food chains and production which enhances regional identity
  • Achieve sustainably managed open space, which conserves local landscapes (including peri urban forests and woodlands), takes account of local biodiversity and provides access to recreation
  • Improve multi-functional land use with strengthening of infrastructure
  • Ensure strategic planning addresses current and future change within the peri-urban environment

SPUN is a stakeholder and part of the solution. We look forward to continuing to work with the Government to manage New South Wales’s sustainable growth and protect its important environmental, ecological and agricultural assets.

Action Plan

Sydney Peri-Urban Network Action Plan 2015


Sydney Peri Urban Network on 4677 1100 or