Heavy Vehicle Transport on Council’s roads

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) requires that all classes of restricted access vehicles (RAV) may only be used on a public road if the operator has granted access through a notice or permit (mass or dimension authority) from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

Vehicles carrying heavy loads and drivers intending to travel within the Wollondilly Shire must be aware that there are heavy load restrictions on some of the local roads. These restrictions are in place to minimise or avoid any adverse impact that heavy vehicles can have on our local road infrastructure.

In NSW, Councils and other road managers have been delegated to issue oversize overmass (OSOM) vehicle permits for roads that they manage. This includes Transport for NSW (TfNSW) for state roads and Council for local roads. Refer to: Application for Permit for Oversize/Overmass Vehicle.

All access requests for RAV permits for all Classes will be issued by NHVR and an application must be made directly to NHVR. This affects but not limited to the following vehicle types:

  • B-Double
  • All Performance Base Standards (PBS)
  • Special Purpose vehicles, including mobile crane
  • Vehicles operating Higher Mass Limits and/or higher than 4.3m

Under the road rules, an applicant may still need to apply to Council for an additional exemption of signposted load limit based on the gross vehicle mass (GVM). Refer to Application for Permit to Exceed Sign Posted Load Limit.

For further information visit NHVR or contact Council on (02) 4677 1100.



It is important to know the mass and dimensions of your vehicle as fines apply for driving over the weight limit in a load restricted local road. Fines can be excessive.

Before commencing and during a journey, drivers should ensure that:

  1. The vehicle you are driving complies with the relevant mass and dimension requirements
  2. The route is approved for travel under the relevant notice or permit noting any relevant bridge, tunnel or other dimension restrictions
  3. A copy of any permit, notice and/or other documentation is carried throughout your journey

There are three classes of vehicles for operators to comply under the Heavy Vehicle National Law and the requirements for restricted access vehicles (RAV):-

Class 1 (agricultural vehicles, oversize overmass vehicles and special purpose vehicles):

For more information on class 1 vehicles visit the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Class 1.

Class 2 (freight-carrying vehicles including B-doubles, B-triples, road trains, buses, vehicle carriers, livestock vehicles and Performance-Based Standards (PBS) vehicles):

For more information on class 2 vehicles, visit the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Class 2.

Class 3 (A class 3 heavy vehicle is a heavy vehicle which, together with its load, does not comply with prescribed mass or dimension requirements and is not a class 1 heavy vehicle):

For more information on class 3 vehicles, visit the National Heavy Vehicles Regulator Class 3.

To view a map of Council roads and bridges with load/weight limits, visit Council's Interactive online mapping system.