Floodplain Risk Management

View from Warragamba Lookout

Wollondilly has a number of areas subject to flooding. The Floodplain Development Manual sets out the management of flood risk in NSW.  You can apply for flood information using this form.

Floodplain Risk Management Committee

The process of managing flood risk is assisted by the Floodplain Risk Management Committee. The committee is made up of Councillors, Council Staff from a variety of areas across Council, NSW Government Agencies and Community representatives. The Committee has an advisory role and makes recommendations to Council for consideration. To read more about this committee visit the Floodplain Risk Management Committee page.

Stonequarry Creek

The area of Picton including the CBD has a long history of flooding due to its location within the Stonequarry Creek floodplain.

A number of flood studies have been completed on Stonequarry Creek, which look at possible flooding behaviour in the area and assist in identifying the appropriate controls for development to minimise flood risk. Such controls may consist of flood planning levels which are normally used to determine minimum floor levels in new developments.

It is important that Council’s understanding of flooding and associated risks at Stonequarry Creek remain up-to-date in order to be proactive in managing risks to the community. As a result, Council is progressing through a process to manage flooding risks within the Stonequarry Creek catchment. 


Stonequarry Creek Flood Study

Stonequarry Creek Picton Post Event Analysis Draft Report